Suspension Repairs Leura NSW 2780

If you live or work in Leura NSW and you need  a suspension repair or steering repair specialist for your vehicle Springwood Tyre Service is your suspension repair and steering repair specialist near Leura.

We are the number one suspension & steering experts in the Blue Mountains, we do suspension repairs on all types of vehicles including front suspension and rear suspension cars, 4WD's and trucks.

As well as suspension repairs we also do steering repairs, fix power steering problems, wheel alignments and wheel balancing.

suspension specialistsSuspension problems can cause a vehicle to become hard to control, cause premature tyre wear and other safety issues.

Driving with worn or faulty suspension parts is dangerous.

If you experience any of the following problems, make sure you schedule an appointment with Springwood Tyre Service near Leura NSW 2780 ASAP:

Your vehicle keeps bouncing for a while.

It's more difficult to turn the steering wheel, or it feels like something is binding or dragging.

The steering wheel moves too easily. Your vehicle pulls to one side while you're driving.

You must constantly correct the direction of the car by turning the steering wheel when you're driving.

Your steering wheel jumps or jerks when you're idling or driving slowly.

Your steering wheel begins to vibrate.

The steering wheel wobbles side-to-side when you're travelling at steady speeds.

When you turn a corner, you hear a knocking, clunking and/or squeaking noise.

When you turn the steering wheel all the way in one direction, you hear a whining or moaning sound.

Suspension Repairs If your a vehicle owner in Leura NSW call us Springwood Tyre Service now on 02 4751 2501 for any of the following services:

Tyres Wheel Alignment Brake Repairs Onsite Disc & Drum Machining 

Steering and Suspension Repairs  Wheel Balancing
  Tyre Rotation

Springwood Tyre Service does tyres, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, steering repairs, suspension repairs, disc & drum machining, brake repairs and brake servicing, for Leura 2780 customers as well as all over the Blue Mountains including Katoomba 2780. Lawson 2783, Leura 2780, Wentworth Falls 2782, Hazelbrook 2779, Faulconbridge 2776, Linden 2778, Woodford 2778, Springwood 2777, Winmalee 2777, Warrimoo 2774, Blaxland 2774, Glenbrook 2773

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